What Is Biblical Baptism?

By Michael Rood

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In the Christian world, very little is known about baptism, and what is known is filtered through a Greek mindset. 


The “What Is Biblical Baptism?” bundle helps you gain a clear and refreshing picture of what baptism really is, what it means, and why it is done.


From the metaphorical “mikveh” the Israelites received as they walked the floor of the Red Sea, to Yeshua’s mikveh in the Jordan River and the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” at Shavuot, this bundle will help you make sense of the Almighty’s spiritual rite of passage for all who believe.


  • The Mikveh – The Doctrine of Baptisms (DVD) – reg. $20
  • Lessons On The Way To Sinai (7 DVDs) – reg. $40
  • The 70-Week Ministry of Messiah? (5 CDs) – reg. $35


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