The Word of Yahweh

By Assembly of Yahweh


"The basic text of the WORD OF YAHWEH is based upon the standard English language versions of the scriptures, which in turn are built upon the oldest available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek manuscripts.  This version has retained much of the old English grammatical structure used by many English translations."

Unlike The Scriptures, the names Yahweh and Yahshuah are written in English characters for those unfamiliar with the Hebrew aleph-bet.  Over all this version of the scriptures is very readable and faithfully translated.  Very few changes have been made to the actual text.  Extremely archaic words, phrases and expressions, which have lost their meaning for the modern reader, have been re-translated to aid the reader in understanding.  While changes have been carefully and faithfully made it has not been at the expense of fidelity, readability, or familiarity. THE WORD OF YAHWEH contains only the most significant of foot-notes and cross references.   In all, THE WORD OF YAHWEH should be a blessing to the body of Messiah.