The Great Gospel Inquisition

By Michael Rood


Have you ever had a difficult question about the Gospels, but no one could help? You’re about to get the answer you’ve been looking for!

During A Rood Awakening! International’s Hanukkah 2013 celebration in Dallas, Texas, Michael Rood — historian, teacher, and author of The Chronological Gospels — offered to answer any question about the Gospels, from the typical to the bizarre!

Using The Chronological Gospels as the key to unlocking the answers to perplexing questions about the Bible, Michael Rood provides insightful answers and demonstrates how to dig deeper to discover the secrets of the Gospels on your own, using a little history and a lot of common sense.

Co-hosted by author and preacher Arthur Bailey, and teacher Dr. Dennis Otero, The Great Gospel Inquisition will answer questions about the Gospels you’ve been wrestling with for years… perhaps for your entire life!