The Divinity Question

By Michael Rood


Is the Messiah God himself? Yeshua declared to the religious leaders that there would be only one sign of his authenticity; “Three days and three nights in the grave – and rising on the third day.”


Like the religious leaders, we all have people in our lives who doubt the divinity of Yeshua — so how do we answer their questions?


In “The Divinity Question” bundle, Michael Rood strips away 2,000 years of tradition to decode the complex prophecies through undeniable mathematical proofs and astronomical confirmations from the Hebrew Scriptures that prove that Yeshua is indeed the sinless Lamb of God.


  • The Jonah Code (5 DVDs) – reg. $75
  • The Messiah Dilemma (DVD) – reg. $14.95
  • Living The Truth – Volume 3 (DVD) – reg. $20


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