The Chronological Gospels: The Life and 70-Week Ministry Timeline (2’X8’)

By Michael Rood


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The Chronological Gospels: The Life and Seventy Week Ministry of the Messiah Chart
by Michael Rood

Michael Rood worked and waited for over 30 years for the restoration of the Creator’s Calendar which would unlock the mysteries embedded in the Gospel chronology which had been irreparably confused by the invented calendar of Hillel II, and ignored by the Pagan calendar of Romish Babylon.

Now, for the first time in history, Michael is making available his chronological chart of Messiah’s 70 week ministry (two sizes available). 

These charts are printed on ‘Nuclear blast resistant’ Tyvek with sewn/bound edges and shipped in a ‘faux stinger missile’ cardboard tube for protections. These charts are for teachers – not for the inquisitive perusal of the novice.

Book sold separately