Introduction To The Chronological Gospels 4-DVD Set

By Michael Rood


The Chronological story of the life and ministry of the Messiah is finally revealed in The Chronological Gospels. Walk through the process of piecing together every detail of the gospel records with Michael Rood to uncover the stunning story of our Messiah. For the serious bible scholar and the new, avid learner alike, this contradictions that have plagued the pages of English translations of the Bible for centuries and will answer long-held chronological questions.  Relive miracles, lessons and prophecies fulfilled with this very first glimpse into The Chronological Gospels. 

Also enjoy additional inspiring teachings by some of your favorite teachers in the Hanukkah Celebration held in Dallas, TX. Join Chaim Goldman for his explanation of the not-so "miracle" of Hanukkah, listen as Arthur Bailey delivers an intriguing lesson, "Yeshua on Dwelling with Us."