The Chronological Gospels Bible - Buy One Give One

By Michael Rood

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This new version of The Chronological Gospels features:

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  • NEW polymer-coated water resistant cover
  • 100% printed and bound in the USA

The Chronological Gospels is the world’s most accurate timeline of the Messiah’s 70-week ministry, including every event from all 4 Gospel accounts, plus the books of Acts and Revelation, reorganized into an easy-to-read, day-by-day record will bring the Bible alive and give you greater understanding and clarity than you’ve ever experienced.

The Chronological Gospels also includes annotations to help you understand what was happening behind the scenes, using amazingly accurate historical records, along with explanations of ancient culture and terminology that you won’t find in any other Bible, plus:

  • Detailed week-by-week timeline charts
  • Color-coded cross-reference index
  • Perpetual ancient biblical Hebrew calendar


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