Passover: The Road to Redemption (9-disc set)

By Michael Rood


Passover: The Road To Redemption is the experience of the year — an event dedicated to equipping the saints for the “final redemption” ahead!

You’ll learn the sequence of events that are just around the corner, what it means for us as believers, and how to ready yourself to be fit for the Master’s use as an unwavering light to the world — to lead others on the road to redemption!

 This multi-disc set includes:

  • Passover: The Road To Redemption Revisited seder narrative with Michael Rood
  • Shabbat Night Live: Passover Edition with Michael Rood
  • Hebrew Roots teaching sessions featuring:
    • Bill Cloud
    • Steve Moutria
    • David Robinson
    • Kent Hovind
    • Josh Tolley
  • BONUS health sessions featuring:
    • Mary Tocco-Hovind
    • Scott Laird, ND

    9 DISC SET