Mrs. Noah Set: Hardy Goes Home-K.C. The Little Chicken-As He Walked-Secret of the Seed

By Mrs. Noah


Hardy Goes Home (A Puppy Tale)
A little old woman known as Mrs. Noah, tells a story of seven stray puppies that are taken to a shelter. Wild "little misfits," they seem to be doomed. BUT, a man comes in and pays for them just in time. He gives the caretaker instructions, then goes away. He has saved their lives. Now, will they learn the lessons necessary to go home with him to his big house? One angry puppy is left behind but escapes to find an adventure that will change his life.

K.C. The Little Chicken (That Could)
K.C.'s story is based on the true struggle of one woman and one chicken. This is a short novel that weaves in a young girl's questions for you to discuss, as Mrs. Noah, Nancy and Dr. Bob work to save a little chicken who lost its feet. Full of pictures, this book takes a brief look at the origins of Hanukkah; GOD's name; The Sabbath; Holy Days; friendship and courage.

How He Walked
How can we love our GOD? How can we learn more about Him? Read and see how He lived. What He He walked His life on this earth with us.
A study/coloring book to learn about our Jewish Messiah. The real Jesus.

Secret of the Seeds Hope for a Troubled People
In August of 2005, the people of Gush Katif were devastated by the "disengagement" in Israel. Most of us don't know what happened or what is still happening in this land GOD says is HIS! This deeply troubled me. Then, I was asked to go on a mission trip in Jan 2006, with 6 other people, to visit these Gush Katif refugees. (MOST STILL ARE NOT RESETTLED!) Meeting many of them added to my passion – my commitment to somehow tell their story. This story is about two children, refugees from Gush Katif, trapped with their grandparents after a rocket attack. So, Papa tells them a story as they wait to be rescued, hoping they will be reached in time. Learn what happens to this family, learn about Israel, learn about the "secret" seeds.