Michael Rood Starter Package

By Michael Rood


Volume One: Episode One: "Sodom and Gomorrah"

Episode Two: "Truth and Tradition"  

DVD Volume Two: Episode Three: "The Oracles of God on the Road to Emmaus"  

Episode Four: "The Name"  

DVD Volume Three: Episode Five: "The Hem of His Garment"  

Episode Six: "Let No Pagan Judge You"

DVD Volume Six: The Great Secret of Solomon's Temple and the Hiding of the Ark of the Covenant

DVD Volume Seven: Prophecies in the SPRING Feasts of the LORD  

DVD Volume Eight: Prophecies in the FALL Feasts of the LORD

DVD Volume Twelve: The Sinai Connection - Israel's Ancient Title Deed to the Land

DVD Volume Thirteen: Raiders of the Lost Book - Discoveries in the Ancient Hebrew Text of Matthew's Gospel

DVD Volume Fourteen: The Creator's Calendar and the Restoration of All Things

DVD Volume Fifteen: The Jonah Code and the Seventy Weeks Prophecy of Daniel  

DVD Michael Rood Exposed: Confessions of a Cult Leader - DVD