Michael Rood Exposed

By Michael Rood


What began as an amusing, yet serious adaptation of a 12-step program testimonial entitled “Religious Systems Anonymous,” turned into a sobering recount of the darkest days in Michael Rood’s career as “a paid professional false prophet.” Grown men sobbed at the end of the unexpected and unannounced confession, which was rehearsed before an unsuspecting crowd. The audience sat riveted to their seats in stunned silence. No one could have fathomed the depth of torment that rent the heart of the man who, today, so eloquently expresses his disdain for the Nicolaitan religious system that took the lives of others – and nearly ended his. Forget the insipid innuendos and manufactured falsehoods of those who attempt to dissuade the sheeple from examining for themselves what Michael Rood really teaches. Hear the bloody details from the man who survived the nightmare – and lives to steer others from the well-worn path that leads to destruction and from the self-serving shepherds who force their flock to drink from a polluted cistern. One of the most captivating testimonies ever recorded – the turbid testimony of a much maligned man who many consider to be one of the most energetic evangelists/teachers of our time. You will understand why his vociferous enemies have done their best to shut the mouth of the man who let the cat out of the bag.

2 Hour - DVD Video