Michael Rood 201 - The Foundations of Bible Prophecy

By Michael Rood


Prophecies of the Spring Feasts of the LORD - Our Creator has shown us "the end from the beginning" through the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in His Feasts, which He commanded Israel to keep forever. Michael reveals the beauty of these Feasts and clearly details their past and future fulfillment. The Messiah fulfilled the Spring Feasts of the LORD at his first coming - it is recorded in the first four Gospels. The Messiah will fulfill the Fall Feasts of the LORD - and its future fulfillment is detailed in the fifth Gospel: the book of the Revelation.

Prophecies of the Fall Feasts of the LORD - Michael Rood's world famous 13-hour A Rood Awakening! seminar, the Feasts of the LORD and Their Prophetic Fulfillment has just gotten better! After changing the lives of countless thousands around the globe, it has been divided into twenty-six broadcast episodes, and is now available on DVD. Each digitally remastered episode includes crisp new graphics, and special introductory and closing remarks by Michael recorded at more than twenty distinct locations around the Ophel Gardens Archeological Park on Mt. Moreh-Yah (the Temple of the Mount) in Jerusalem.

The Creator's Calendar and the Restoration of All Things - Join Biblical Historian, Michael Rood and his guest, Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Nehemia Gordon, as they expose both of these man-made calendars and turn to the ancient Hebrew Scriptures to rediscover the Creator's reckoning of time - so that we, the children of light, might not be ignorant of His times and His seasons.

Astronomically & Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Calendar - We are living in the Almighty's universe. The world in which we live is synchronized to His calendar and His time clock. Whether we recognize it or not makes no difference. The Creator does not spin the world based on what we do and do not understand.

Hockin' a Chanak on Hanukkah - What is Hanukkah? Should we celebrate it? DId the Messiah celebrate it? In this audio recording of "Hockin' a Chanak" on Hanukkah, Michael Rood exposes false traditions and reveals prophetic realities concerning Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication.

Raiders of the Lost Book - Join Biblical historian Michael Rood and his guest, eminent Hebrew scholar Nehemia Gordon, for this exciting multi-media presentation: Raiders of the Lost Book - Discoveries in the Ancient Hebrew Texts of the Gospel of Matthew.

Shavuot 6010: From the Temple Steps - May 23, 2010 was the 63rd Shavuot from the rebirth of Israel. Israel became "a nation in a day" on May 15th 1948, which fell on the prophetically significant seventh Sabbath of the omer count – the following day was the first Feast of Shavuot in the born-again nation. Michael Rood was compelled to be in Jerusalem for the 63rd Shavuot, which also marked seven years before Israel's 70th year and seven years before the next Jubilee in the cycle that began when Allenby took Jerusalem in 1917 – and Israel took Jerusalem in 1967.

Pomegranate Mysteries - Hair uncombed and teeth unbrushed, I groggily added the grounds to my stove top espresso pot to begin the morning after a long Shabbat of teaching and fellowship in our home in the Galilee. Rashel and Darlene had been stirring for a while, and Rashel had unexpectedly taken over the project that I had begun the night before – counting the seeds of a giant pomegranate.

Rood on the Loose in Argentina - Join Michael Rood on the road in Argentina with a behind-the-scenes peek at what it's like to be in the nitty-gritty of the work of the Almighty. Experience the highs and lows, the struggles and the divine appointments as he speaks to congregations, teaches on the radio, mikvehs in the waters of South America, and prepares for Passover. Armed with little more than some brimstone and a language barrier, will he successfully make it through, or will everything fall apart? Come walk the streets of Argentina with him and find out.