By Todd Bennett


Volume 9 of the Walk in the Light series

Twenty years ago I was sitting in a seafood restaurant on the east coast arguing with a doctor friend of mine over the issue of keeping kosher. As a nutritionist, he had relegated the commandments concerning clean and unclean meat as a defunct relic of pre-refrigeration antiquity. Neither of our arguments seemed conclusive enough to prevent the other from reloading his plate with another helping of shrimp – or as we now both affectionally refer to them as "sea cockroaches".

Ten years later I was shocked to read the nutritional guidelines for his Health and Longevity curriculum to be headed by the statement "NO UNCLEAN MEAT". I looked at him and shook my head in amazement as he explained, "We now know, on the molecular level, that all animals listed in the scripture as "unclean" digest differently in the human body than do "clean meats". Apparently the Almighty knows much more about his creation than the combined wisdom of mankind even "before refrigeration". Every year Gentile Christian pastors drop dead in the pulpit from diseases that kosher Jews never get. For those who no longer wish to participate in "the diseases of the Gentiles" Todd Bennett's book Kosher is a must read for the citizens of the most wealthy, and yet sickest nation on the planet.

Now, decades after my last plate of "la Cucaracha del mar", Todd's book Kosher is the landmark argument for a biblically kosher diet for the Messianic movement that makes the essential distinctions which wean the follower of Messiah from the leavened loaf of the Pharisees as well as pagan culinary perversions. Todd Bennett is an attorney – a doctor of Jurisprudence – and he proves each of his "cases" with concise and clear arguments that are both historically and biblically documented. The Judge of the Universe would have to award him the victory in every argument he presents.

I encourage you to study each and every one of Todd Bennett's books for your own spiritual enrichment and enjoyment. This is the high powered ammunition it takes to defend "the faith once delivered to the saints".

90 pages.