The Judges: The King Is Coming

By Michael Rood


The book of The Judges is not ancient history – it is a prophetic shadow picture of the age in which we now live.

The true king of Israel is currently “walking among the seven lampstands” with fire in his eyes. He sees every religious game we play and every manipulative false prophecy. Most who call Yeshua King and Lord are doing religion according to their imagination – rather than obeying “The Prophet of whom Moses spoke.”

Israel’s judges first brought correction by demanding compliance to the instructions from Mount Sinai – and then supernatural deliverance came to a repentant and obedient people.

Today’s true prophets still judge according to that standard of righteousness – and the repentant return to obedience and experience his grace to endure to the end.

Join Michael Rood as he takes you through the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua to set the stage for this landmark teaching series on the book of The Judges. A lifetime of Torah study was prerequisite to unfolding the divine tapestry that is presented in this high definition thrill ride that takes you from our sojourn at the base of Mount Sinai – to the warnings of the last judge of Israel who anoints their first ill-advised king.


“Because there was no king (physically present) in Israel, everyone did that which was right in his own eyes.”

~ Judges 21:25


This 19-episode (19 hours) teaching is Torah 401 from the “Foundations in the Torah” series