Fall Feasts Celebration Package No. 1

By Michael Rood


Fall Feasts Celebration Package No. 1

The Fall Feasts of The LORD
Everything you need to know about the Fall Feasts; an excellent teaching for beginners or anyone who needs to brush up on his understanding of the Feasts and their importance.

Mystery of Solomon's Laver
The Hebrew Scriptures detail the building of a great temple and a giant brass laver under the direction of King Solomon of Israel, the wisest man on Earth. The Brazen Sea rested on the back of twelve brass oxen, facing the cardinal points of the compass and it contained the Waters of Purification. Solomon’s Laver contained not only water, but a prophetic shadow picture and time code for the end of the age - a time in which the last days prophesies of Moses and Ezekiel would be fulfilled.

Messiah’s First and Last Message to Israel
Michael Rood uncovers the mysteries that boggle believers concerning the Gospel of the Kingdom. This teaching reveals how the Messiah reinforced-rather than abolished-the instructions we received from Moses at Mt. Sinai.

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