"Banned" Collection

By A Rood Awakening! International

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For years, Michael Rood knew that the message he was given to deliver in English was also to be delivered in Chinese — but how? Finally, the reality of that revelation has come to pass and the people of China are now hearing the truth! 

Special guest Paul Hsieh of Kingdom for Jesus Corps joins Michael Rood for this eye-opening series into the secrecy of the truth and miraculous results now taking place in parts of Asia where the truth is banned.

In humbling detail, you will see the amazing lengths the persecuted church is willing to go in order to study, master, and spread the truth of Yeshua to others, even it costs them everything.

Order now on DVD, Blu-ray, or audio USB. You’ll get both episodes of "Banned" now playing on Shabbat Night Live — plus The Chronological Gospels 70-Week Timeline Chart in Mandarin Chinese!

“Of all the 'nations' scattered across the earth, which are prophesied to return to the land of Israel, only ONE is specifically mentioned in the Bible — China.”
- Michael Rood

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