Banned 2: Breakthrough In Asia - with Michael Rood and Paul Hsieh

By A Rood Awakening! International



What was intended as a small, covert mission of intimate gatherings in Asia became a life-changing event for crowds beyond anyone’s anticipation! 

In Banned 2: Breakthrough In Asia, Michael Rood and Paul Hsieh deliver an amazing report of Michael Rood’s recent mission to the Orient — the sequel to their Banned series on Shabbat Night Live that exposed the persecution of Messianic believers in China. 

Experience the exciting details of how the TRUE message of the Messiah created such excitement that venues had to be changed to accommodate record crowds and how Yeshua’s 70-week ministry was laid out in the Chinese language for the first time ever to believers with an insatiable craving for the truth! 

“Of all the 'nations' scattered across the earth, which are prophesied to return to the land of Israel, only ONE is specifically mentioned in the Bible — China.”
- Michael Rood

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