A.D. - Archaeology Discovered Collection

By Michael Rood

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For more than 20 years, Ron Wyatt spent his life and his life savings on researching and finding the real Mt. Sinai, Sodom and Gomorrah, Noah’s Ark… and the Ark of the Covenant.

Discover the amazing truth of Ron Wyatt’s discoveries in a special series on Shabbat Night Live: “A.D. Archaeology Discovered”.

Special guest Kevin Fisher walks you through every discovery in detail, including his personal verification that the sites Ron Wyatt found — are REAL. 

Right now, you can pre-order this fascinating series on DVD and Blu-ray. You’ll get:

  • All 4 episodes now playing on Shabbat Night Live
  • PLUS “Revealing God’s Treasure”, featuring 3.5 hours of bonus presentations by the late Ron Wyatt

More than 7 total hours of amazing discoveries! 

Pre-order “A.D. – The Archaeology Discovered” collection and get 20% off the retail price.


PLEASE NOTE: "Revealing God's Treasure" is only available on DVD. Blu-ray discs will NOT play on a regular DVD player. You must have a Blu-ray player to play Blu-ray discs; DVD discs will play in either type of player.