2-PACK: 2017-18 Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar

By Michael Rood


Did Renaissance era artists get it right... or was it a Renaissance "ERROR"

On this year's Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar, Michael Rood explains what Renaissance painters got right... and what they got wrong!

Plus, you'll discover how biblical research and archaeology over the past several hundred years have revealed what REALLY happened in the Bible's most depicted stories of all time.

Enjoy 15 classic images over 15 months — from the month of the Aviv (Passover season) to Shavuot (Pentecost) the following year! 

And, as always, fascinating information on how to observe the Hebrew reckoning of time, verifiable anniversary dates of significant events the Messiah's ministry (correlated with The Chronological Gospels Bible), monthly new moon astronomical data, and more!

PLUS... 15 special offer coupons, one offer per month!