March 2019 Love Gift: "The Road to Antioch" Collection

By A Rood Awakening! International


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In this month’s love gift teaching, The Road to Antioch, we see Saul become the Apostle Paul. Michael Rood shares the dramatic story of how Saul confronted a sorcerer full of demons and came out a different man. 

In the midst of disagreements with other followers who just couldn’t handle the task of preaching a message so radically different than anyone had ever heard, Paul and Barnabas set off alone to Antioch. They’ve earned a following of their own by now, and they are greeted with excitement or derision wherever they go. 

In this meaningful teaching, Michael Rood digs deep into what it means to give your life to Yeshua. When He calls you, things aren’t going to be easy, as Paul’s journey shows. Still, Paul would not be swayed from his mission to take the message of Yeshua to the world.


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