Newton's Last Dilemma (Audio CD)

By Michael Rood

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The much anticipated teaching series from Michael Rood in audio format.
Believers around the world are sensing that we may be in the “last days” as detailed by the Hebrew Prophets. To understand the sign of the “end of the age”, one must understand the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in the Feasts of the LORD – the mechanism by which the Almighty declared the end of the age from the very beginning. Isaac Newton, considered by his modern day counterparts as the greatest scientist who ever lived, spent the last decade of his life attempting to crack the prophetic code of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks – only to go to his grave with questions that would not be deciphered for more than 300 years.
All over the globe, the Almighty is sovereignly leading his people into an understanding of the Feasts, and their prophetic significance. Those who never thought that they were asleep, are waking up to the importance of the Feasts of the LORD and why Israel was commanded to keep the Feasts forever. Don’t be left out of the “end times” revival declared by the prophet Jeremiah – the gentiles are coming to Israel from the ends of the earth and waking up to the fact that they have inherited lies and pagan abominations from their forefathers.
If you are a lover of biblical truth, you won’t want to miss this profound teaching series – Newton’s Last Dilemma: Daniel’s Seventy Weeks – with Michael Rood.