Messiah's First and Last Message to Israel (4 CDs)

By Michael Rood

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Sale Picture of Messiah's First and Last Message to Israel (4 CDs)

No more succinct synthesis of the Gospel of the Kingdom could be found outside Messiah's first and last Message to Israel. In his first "State of the Kingdom" address which was delivered on a mountaintop in Galilee, the King from Heaven laid down the rules for entering into – and living eternally in the Kingdom over which he will rule forever. Yahshua's first message dropped a razor-edged plummet between the everlasting Torah and the ever-changing rules of man-made religion. Each miracle performed over the next eleven months was carefully crafted to violate the evolving rules of 1st century Phariseeism, while reinforcing the instructions we received from Moses at Mount Sinai.

Messiah's last message was delivered on the Temple mount in Jerusalem and again laid bare the religious system in front of the multitudes gathered for Passover. His final diatribe ended with, "You will not see me again until you (break your man-made rules which forbid pronouncing the Holy Name, and) say, blessed is he who comes in the name of YHVH!" Do not miss this momentous moment as Michael Rood relives Messiah's most monumental mountaintop messages. Four Audio CDs – Two 2 hour programs