Health Awakening Conference

By A Rood Awakening! International

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Get this 7-disc set (Blu-ray or DVD) from the first-ever Health Awakening Conference and realize the health believers —like YOU — were meant to have!


You’ll learn the secrets to improving your health and even reversing the symptoms of disease through simple diet and lifestyle changes!


Includes every session from this eye-opening conference, featuring:


What Cancer Blood Screening Really Tells You

  • Can you predict the future of cancer in your life through a simple blood screening? Imagine if you could and what steps you could take to ensure it never materializes. “The Health Watchman” Paul Nison will tell you how!


15 Health Hacks That Will Change Your Life

  • Do you know why pizza is one of the worst things you can eat after a day in the sun? Or which type of salt can actually stabilize blood pressure? Learn 15 quick tips that can make a lifelong difference in your health with Scott Laird, ND!


How To Eliminate Toxins

  • Paul Malkmus, the Hallelujah Diet’s CEO shares the simple secrets of giving disease a knock-out punch through toxin removal!


Why Digestion Is The Key to Disease Resistance

  • Paul Nison healed himself of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) through an amazingly simple principle in the book of Genesis. Discover what he did and how proper digestion can ensure your body is getting all you THINK it is!


Why Supplements Matter and How To Tell Which Ones Are Best

  • Olin Idol, ND develops the life-saving protocols that have empowered thousands through the Hallelujah Diet! He’ll share the amazing benefits a few supplements can have on your health — and which ones are best!


How To Empower Your Self-Healing Body

  • Prevention is key for sure, but what happens if you’re health has taken a turn? Is there anything you can do? Paul and Ann Malkmus share how you can not only turn your health around, but raise it to a level you never dreamed!



  • Shabbat Night Live with Michael Rood: Health Awakening Edition (featuring interviews with all guest speakers)




Available in Blu-ray or DVD.