By Todd Bennett


Volume One of the Walk in the Light series.

Michael Rood: “Several years ago I was sitting with Todd Bennett in my living room in the Galilee discussing one of the chapters in his upcoming book that I had just completed editing at his request. The chapter that I had just finished reading, ‘The Sabbath’ was not only good - it was brilliant!

’Todd, you need to forget the idea of one large book with 12 chapters. What we need is an in-depth exposition of each one of these topics. Your insights deserve not just a chapter, but an entire book in itself.’ I realized that if Todd continued developing this entire series and documenting all of his references, that it would save me years of work doing the same thing – years I didn't have. Now, several years into the process, Todd's latest book Restoration is a landmark argument in the Messianic movement. I encourage you to study each and every one of Todd Bennett's books for your own spiritual enrichment and enjoyment. This is the high-powered ammunition it takes to defend ‘the faith once delivered to the saints.’”

Paperback. 315 pages.