The Jonah Code LIVE! - CD

By Michael Rood


The Jonah Code and the Seventy Weeks Prophecy of Daniel

Digital Audio recording of the Jonah Code seminar.

 The Jonah Code Live! was recorded during the A Rood Awakening! 2006 USA Seminar Tour. Michael Rood will have you on the edge of your seats as he expounds The Jonah Code and unveils the mystery of Daniel’s “seventy-shevuim” prophecy.

In this six hour audio CD series, Michael unravels the most often repeated, most complex and perhaps the most controversial prophecy recorded in the pages of the Hebrew Scriptures: The Jonah Code. Michael exposes and corrects the fatal error taught in mainstream Christian circles, which ignores both the Creator’s calendar and the prophetic significance of the Feasts of the LORD.

After laying the foundations to understand The Jonah Code, Michael then clarifies the message that the angel Gabriel delivered to the prophet Daniel - a cryptic code of “seventy-sevens” which would be fulfilled on three separate but interwoven layers throughout the history of the nation of Israel. That divine prophecy was “sealed” until this generation, in which increased scientific knowledge has given us the ability to comprehend its complex mathematical and prophetic codes.

If Michael’s calculations are correct, the nation of Israel is already in the third prophetic layer of Daniel’s prophecy – and the countdown to the thermonuclear ruin of Damascus has already begun.

This audio series is the prelude to the ten-hour DVD video series: The Greatest Story NEVER Told… The Jonah Code and the Seventy Weeks Prophecy of Daniel.

Six Audio CD’s – One 6 hour program