The Mountain of God - Secrets of The Real Mt. Sinai

By Michael Rood



If you’ve seen photos or video revealing the summit of Mt. Sinai still blackened to this day by the fire of YeHoVaH… the split rock at Horeb that satisfied the thirst of the Israelites… or the amazing markings on a slab of rock that was once the altar to the golden calf… you’ve seen the work of Jim and Penny Caldwell.

Jim and Penny spent many years living and working in the Saudi Arabian oil industry, but their real passion was to find and document evidence that the true location of Mt. Sinai is not in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, but in Saudi Arabia.

And they risked their lives to do it!

In this exclusive interview series conducted by Michael Rood, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you hear the amazing behind-the-scenes story — the secrets of the REAL Mt. Sinai — from Jim and Penny themselves in “The Mountain of God”!

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