September Ambassador Bonus

By Michael Rood


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How much does the understanding of the culture and times of the Bible matter to us today — or for our understanding of prophecy in the future?

Learn how to properly interpret Biblical culture and times, and get a glimpse into the prophetic fulfillment of the fall feasts in Michael Rood’s new teaching, “The Day of Trumpets”.

For your Love Gift donation of $100 or more in September, Michael Rood will send you “The Day of Trumpets” Collection:

  • “The Day of Trumpets” — a new teaching (available on Blu-ray or DVD) available only when you give to receive the Love Gift.
  • PLUS… a breathtaking ram’s horn shofar!
  • BONUS The Creators Time Clock DVD teaching! 

“The Day of Trumpets” teaching is not for sale and it’s not on YouTube— the only way you can get is by making your Love Gift donation.

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September Love Gift is available through September 30, 2016 or while supplies last. Limited quantities available.