PASSOVER CELEBRATION BUNDLE: "Celebrating Passover" & "Behold The Lamb"

By Michael Rood Bundles


Celebrating Passover: A Walk Through the Ultimate Story DVD

Join Michael in the first century bedouin-style tent as he takes you on a walk through the ultimate story. This message will provide you with an abundance of knowledge about the prophetic realities embedded in Passover that will forever change your perceptions of the Gospels and the Messiah. You do not want to miss your chance to be a part of this heartwarming experience in Celebrating Passover. This is the revelation you have been waiting for your entire life...

"Behold The Lamb" by Leigh Rood Fransen

Are you: • A messianic believer who is unsatisfied with the Passover haggadahs you have used in the past? • A Christian who wants to understand and celebrate Passover? • A mother or father of children who struggle to sit through a long, boring Passover seder? • A person who would like an "unleavened" haggadah to help you develop your own service? This book was written with you in mind! Behold The Lamb features a dynamic messianic Passover service that explores the meaning of Passover for believers in Messiah Yeshua. Also included are basic instructions on how to celebrate Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, recipes for a festive dinner, and some fun songs that are sure to enhance the mood.