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By Michael Rood


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When Yeshua was invited to dinner with Pharisees, he rejected their manmade ritual hand-washing — an insult that would lead to his crucifixion.

“The Season of Our Insult” is an all-new teaching from Michael Rood — but the only way you can get it is with your love gift donation in February.

For your Love Gift donation of $100 or more in January, Michael Rood will send you: 

  • “The Season of Our Insult” teaching (available on Blu-ray or DVD) available only when you give to receive the Love Gift.
  • PLUS… an alabaster jar and a supply of anointing oil infused with the wonderful scent of frankincense. 

“The Season of Our Insult” teaching is not for sale and it’s not on YouTube— the only way you can get is by making your Love Gift donation. 

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